Fishes as sweet as pebbles are wandering

Throughout the night of the sea, and my eyes

Are lost in the drawer that hides the stars and the candies.

I have grasped the tree of coral, and the bliss

Of being alive reverberates into my knees.

Treacherous Island, I love thee, I love

The deceptive sound of the waves, I love

The insidious poison that makes the palm-trees grow

From the salt of the sea to the scars of the sky.

A large expense

Staying here.

Staying over a large expense of land and wind.

Staying here, mute.

My eyes do not reach to the sea

But I know the sea to be close,

Requiring from me to stay here

As if I were the lighthouse,

The watchtower, the observatory

Thanks to which the sea still receives

The soft and faint orders emitted by the stars.

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