My gratitude goes to Cerise Phiv for having conceived and realized this site, and for ensuring its maintenance. Having worked with Cerise from 2006 onwards I knew she was the one… She accepted the challenge with her usual kindness and generosity.

Special thanks to my dear friend and mentor Li Jinyuan 李金远, who guided my apprenticeship in Chinese painting, and with whom, from 1994, I shared many adventures - exhibits, sketching expeditions, and much more.

Going back to the period 1992-1994, thanks to my two teachers of calligraphy in Taipei, Li Shengzhong 李勝鐘 and Li Putong 李普通. Before that time, while I was in Paris, Wang Chia-ÿu initiated me to this art as well as to the reading of Chinese Classics. During the same period I also benefited from the guidance of Claude Larre and Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée, whose teaching certainly influenced the way I entered Chinese art. 

Thanks to Wei Xuefeng 魏学峰 for having carved the first seals I have been using, back in 1994.  Other seals are the creation of Li Juntao 李俊涛 and other friends. I progressively ventured to carve some of my own.

Thanks to DPark Shanghai for generously providing me with storage and painting space.

Many thanks to Christine Ajacques who volunteered to catalogue my works and methodically did so over a period of two years - and thanks to Nicolas as well! Heartfelt thanks also to so many friends who along the road went to the rescue whenever, in my personal and artistic endeavors, I needed a helping hand. Among them: Fleur and Edouard des Diguères, Annette and Henri Girard, Claire and Pascal Rechatin, Nathalie Salomon, Jean-Louis Tourné, Bertrand Cristau, Hubert Bazin, Wang Li 王丽, Liang Zhun 梁准, Chen Jiaren 陈嘉仁, Zhang Liang 张靓 Purple, Alberto…. So many other names… You are all in my heart.

Thanks to Li Shuang 李爽 and Li Dandan 李丹丹 for their personal support as well as for the one provided by OpenSpace Gallery and Shanghai Pearl Museum. In Shanghai, the teams of Sunbow Gallery (2008) and Xuhui Museum (2014) have been also extremely supportive. 

Thanks to Ester Huang who gave me decisive support when it was time to gather my artworks in Shanghai from the various places where they were scattered.

Thanks to Liz Hingley and Christian Chambenoit who provided me with the best professional pictures of my works that are used in this site. Many other pictures were realized by a team of friends gathered by Li Jinyuan in Chengdu. Thanks to the team of the Taipei Ricci Institute who, between 1997 and 2009, scanned a great number of works and helped me in countless other ways.

Thanks to my Jesuit companions who showed forbearance and patience towards my creative endeavors, including towards the practical and mental burdens it sometimes went with. I wish to recall in a special way the fraternal atmosphere of the KPS Community where i lived and painted between 1996 and 2009. At that time, were living there four wonderful brothers who are now sending support (and smiles) from within the very heart of God : Jerry Martinson, Bob Ronald, Ray Parent, and David Reed. 

Thanks for the discreet, constant and precious support of my family. I dedicate this site to my nine nephews and nieces. 

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